Sunday, June 15, 2014

Listen: Samira Said ... Elly Benna - Song | سميرة سعيد ... إللي بيننا - أغنيه

It looks like Rotana has snagged Moroccan diva Samira Said who just last week singed a contract with their CEO to put the Saudi company in charge of producing her upcoming album. Samira met in Dubai and signed the contract. In celebration of this new deal, Samira and Rotana released a new single to give us a taste of what yet to come.

Samira had a great year when her all-Moroccan song won Mazal won a number of awards for being so awesome. Samira's followup song is pretty upbeat and radiated happiness and energy. It's a love song with a twist.... the song is about the kind of feeling in between new and old couples.

I like Samira and love her new singles, she is telling all these young artists, good things never grow old, it's in the air, and yes by the way even though Samira is pushing 50, you would not know it form her sound and her look. This is a young track, Samira's voice and performance show that you still has the same youthful style she did in the 80s.

Samira Said ... Elly Benna - Song | سميرة سعيد ... إللي بيننا - أغنيه


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