Saturday, June 21, 2014

WATCH: Haifa Wehbe -Ana Farhna 2014! She Is Happy

Haifa Wehbe won't go retiring anytime soon, she still makes news and thanks to the idiots men and their ways, she still making news whether she is being raped on screen for a film, or dancing like a little girl on TV. She is like one of those diseases that no one can get cured. She is the Ebola of Arabic pop, she cannot be defeated.

She may have seen that Happy song be the song of this Spring, so she has just released a song where the title is "I am Happy" It's a weak song really, bur it always her to show off some dance moves and pose as a real pop star. Never has she challenged herself vocally. But when it comes to the show biz, she can show off!

No one things she is a great vocalist, but rather a fun singer whose image and name is really bigger than her talent. Good luck!

Haifa Wehbe اغنية هيفاء وهبي فرحانة - جديد 2014 - شكلك مش غريب الحلقة الاخيرة

اغنية هيفاء وهبى - فرحانة | جديد 2014


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