Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Most Epic Arab Spring Song In Its History! @hibatawaji - Al Rabih Al Arabi

There has never been a greater or most real song about a political reality than this new song by Lebanese vocalist Hiba Tawaji. She released this song last month and have yet to stop listening to it ever since. Think you love the les miserables, this song will bring it to life so beautifully. This is our Arab les miserables about the sad state of the Arab Spring when it started by the people, only to see the wicked interests come in and steal it and turn it into a bloodbath.

Hiba looks dashing as she sings for our collective pains without making us lose faith. the little girl and matching colors work too well. There are dark images, murder, and executions....I think Syria is where the Arab Spring went to die, Yemen is where things started to get hairy and Libya sounded the alarm for all of us. Hiba pulls the virgin and innocent soul like figure so well, and you know it works well for her. The music is beautifully written and performed. It just pumps you up and embodies the travesty.

It's fair to see that everyone who has touched this song and its music video has given their A, it does not happen very often, but team Hiba, Oussama has found a great new way. They got amazing lyrics from Ghadi and stunning pictures from Serge. We the people win here, and actually learn something. While many had the same thoughts, it took Hiba Tawaji to say what we really want to say only louder and much more eloquently  

This is not a song, this is an epic motion picture that brings to life so many things we fear talking about. Murder has taken place, and now we see people taking credit for destroying their country on behalf of other foreign interests. This is a fine line between freedom and complete chaos....that little girl will take breath away....Hiba transcendence aided by her extensive background in theater, and bot does that red hair own the moment?

Whoever directed Hiba here is a brilliant director who gets it! Wow! This song will be the national anthem of frustrated idealist in Arabia....Serge Oryan I do not know you, but your work speaks volumes of how gifted you are and how your vision when given the right tools can amaze folks across the globe.

Update: those who call the song sectarian are the sectarian one. I did not get that feeling from this song. This song is about the large picture, not one's own version of reality. People need to come to terms with the wrong turn Arab Spring has taken. This song is about the broad theme, we are all for freedom. But if freedom means some crazy person to get violent because this is the only way he or she knows to expresses himself or herself, then something it wrong. Freedom is not cheap, but chaos is not how freedom looks. It's the artists right to express their cynical views.  

Hiba Tawaji - Al Rabih Al Arabi [Official Music Video] (2014) / هبه طوجي - الربيع العربي

Hiba Tawaji - Al Rabih Al arabi [Official Music Video] (2014) / هبه طوجي - الربيع العربي
Taken from The Album "Ya Habibi - يا حبيبي"
Produced By: Oussama Rahbani © 2014
Lyrics By: Ghadi Rahbani
Music and Orchestration by : Oussama Rahbani
Concept By: Oussama Rahbani, Hiba Tawaji, Serge Oryan
Directed By: Serge Oryan
Produced By: Oussama Rahbani
Powered by Watary Production 


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