Thursday, June 5, 2014

Here's This Week's Top 10 Arabic Songs Chart Thanks @listenarabic

Listen Arabic just ranked the top most popular radio hits this week, their show is a big hit in Lebanon. They make a good list and include some of the ones form the talents, and the old ones. But I love how they pick the popular tracks from all radios across Lebanon and beyond.

I said it before, these tend to be focused on Lebanese stars with few non Lebanese making the list. I would love to hear the full version of this show--I think it may offer more insight on the songs, the artists and the artists behind these tracks. Why is Assi Hallani is still on that list? Wasn't his Moroccan song offensive to the Moroccans?

Hani Al Omari took the number one spot this time, this is a very romantic comeback for this shy and talented pop stars who only makes pop gems.

.ListenArabic Top 10 Arabic Songs Chart 31 May 2014 توب 10 اغاني عربية.


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