Thursday, June 26, 2014

World Meets The Sizzling "Never Down Band" @NeverDownBand

Arab bands with English names, tend to pick the funniest and the cheesiest names. The thinking is because they think the band's name has to make sense in English, but that's not always true. You just need something relevant and catchy. Take for example a band that goes in Egypt with the name "Never Down"

While they may do well with English and singing in a foreign language, I like the lady vocalist, she is the glue for the song that keeps is interesting. She has a versatile range that brings out different emotions at different parts of the song. Do not sell out, do not let your good side take a break, conscious matters do not let it go to sleep, this is the message. Members Vocal : Ahemd Adel Vocal : Rasha Nagib Vocal: Mahmoud El Ngar Sound engineer : Kareem Hassan. I guess all of them are great but in this track, I connected a lot more with Rasha Nagib. The song is a plus for the band and shows a lot of promise. How to market that remains a question.

Never Down Band describes itself as an Egyptian team provides all kinds of music and singing the eastern, western and R&B. The band saw the light in 2010 by Ahmed Adel & Eslam Ashraf .. the band was featured on a dozen of concerts all over Egypt .. they are known for there different kind of music which Fuses the Arabic singing with English singing. They have plenty of talents and I love their attitude about making music.

نيفير داون - مات ضميرك / Never Down - Mat Dameerak


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