Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life Wisdom Through Pop Songs, Medhat Saleh Always Sings

Songs can be a source of wisdom and commentary on life. In Egypt, there has been a guy doing these kind of songs of over thirty years now and his name is Medhat Saleh. He is the street smart voice who had many of those songs throughout the course of his career.

In pop music, he is like statesman offering wise life antidotes to whomever will listen. I have grown to like his songs and the topics he chooses to cover. Take what has fallen from you, grab it before someone else reaches for it...before it's too late. This kind of commentary on people and their personal attributes some we like others not so much.

Medhat Saleh might be one of five bankable pop stars who tend to get these kind of songs for movies and TV dramas....He is just available, safe and marketable. His voice transcendence the moment maybe because he has been involved in too many things--he has even been sentences to serve time in jail.

مدحت صالح- حوش اللي وقع منك


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