Tuesday, June 3, 2014

This Touching Song By Mc Dahab Explains Every Egyptain Love Story

This is a song that does not come everyday, a guy with a laptop and a microphone and a larger than life talent record this poem/song and make these spoken words haunt those who can relate to it. MC Dahab, the young college aged Egyptian hip hop artist keeps on growing. As he grows, he learns and he sees the complexity of life around him.  The song starts fast, he writes it as a letter to the one that was his refugee. He wishes her well and then pulls no punches--it was anger that led you to abort that love baby. Then the nightmares are unleashed.

Really there are many love songs, but there are not any that speak about love that is outside a marriage. It happens and consequences are often not spoken about. but the dazzling Mc Dahab is bold and would talk about these realities. The song talks about being hurt in the tug war. It reads like an honest diary from a guy who has seen a lot but has not spoke until now. It's a flood of emotion.

In reality the song is not even about abortion, but it's a metaphor about aborting a love relationship when the two parties are in love, comes the family to marry out the daughter to a more capable guy. The romantic guy's soul is crushed and then he finds himself alone. This song is too really to many in the Middle East--you think you found love and she thinks the same--then comes family and you have to marry someone else.

This very same thing happens to every young Arab guy who is in their 20s and think they are in love, only for an older guy will come along and take what's yours because he is ready to open a home and you are not. This is reality and I know the artist has told me, it came from a true place. He lived this story and wrote these lyrics to save his soul. Bravo!


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