Monday, June 2, 2014

Mourad Bouriki Live @ Mawazine Music Festival @BourikiMourad

Morocco is so proud of Mourd Bouriki who won the Voice last year with his impressive voice, that voice that brings back to life many of the forgotten classical songs from the Arabic music library. Mourd Bouriki performed live at home at his country's biggest music festival. He is a Tarab artist which means his songs are not about dance, but rather letting the songs into your soul, while you sit back and reflect. It's a slow-cooked entertainment for the grownups not for those who like to drown the night away in energy drinks.

The live orchestra was a big help for Mourd Bouriki, I like his voice and style. The challenge, it;s not easy to market oldies, even the goldie ones. You cannot make money in it, Mourad is working on his craft and hoping to do more of his songs to leave a legacy, but so far I have not seen a serious effort. Even tough he has some serious backing, it's not easy for a Moroccan male with an impressive voice to find new material.

This song has its fans, there are millions of people even not Arabic speakers who like this style.

مراد بوريقي موال -ابعتلي جواب مهرجان موازين 2014 (المغرب)


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