Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Madeleine Matar Goes Crazy For #Brazil @madeleine_matar



It may have been a slow day for Lebanese singer cum actress Madeleine Matar, but she did a photo shoot where she is sporting all Brazil colors and outfit as if she was in Brazil at the World Cup cheering them on. There was an even interesting picture (porting water from the bottle and water all over her mouth)

But Madeleine Matar figured an inexpensive way to get on the radar once again, and the media loved her Brazil stunt, but they went crazy for her shorts I like that Madeleine Matar is really fit and these images work well for her--. I think the makeup was a bit much, but who am I to judge?

There are plenty more pictures on the artists official Facebook page. I know Madeleine has not done much lately, but that Iraqi song she talked about. But she took this seriously, other pop stars would take pictures wearing a jersey or holding the flag of the country they like. Madeleine hired a professional photographer, booked a soccer field, and got into the Brazil zone aided by the swagger.  

Photo BY: Zobian saad
تم التصوير في Hoops Club

 بالفيديو: مادلين مطر تشجع البرازيل


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