Saturday, June 7, 2014

Raef - The Path | New Album Available Now! @RaefMusic

American Islam is alive and well, and one of these Muslim Americans is Raef, the rock star whose spiritual side leads him to make better music for the masses. The humorous Raef has 12 uplifting track on his debut album, and this time he is going for the original material he often writes. His choice of album cover embodies that sense of humor. An American truck and a title like the Path go well together. But not without his guitar and gift for lyrics.

He is getting some help from Maher Zain incorporated in a duet. I find his material fit for people who do not even believe strongly about religion. Awakening Record is working overtime to ensure Raef and his album gets to more ears. He seems like a nice guy and have seen him few years ago perform with his guitar, the material was all his. But then he came with a clever idea to do Muslim-focused versions of popular hits. It worked and he got his name and his songs out there.

I know this album means a lot of many young Muslims around the world who will be getting a cool album that rivals that of mainstream pop songs only this album is tailored to them and to their mindset.

Raef - The Path | New Album Available Now!


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