Thursday, June 5, 2014

WATCH: Hypocrite Mohamed Fouad " El Dam " / " محمد فؤاد " الدم #Egypt

Know this, in the final days of the Mubarak regime, singer Mohamed Fouad, call in state TV offered support for Mubarak and declared, "I will kill myself if Mubarak leaves". He did not deliver on his promises, even though many have asked him to do so. This blood is my blood says his new/old song that are now being used as an army propaganda.

Foud is back again, and this time he suffers from selective sympathy syndrome. Whereas the only victims he deems worthy of his mourning are the army officers. This is silly, because army officers have joined and army, and death comes with the territory. But those hundreds of civilians murdered in cold blood by snipers, and army bulldozers have signed no such thing.

Foaud and the team behind this song full of shit, you know why? They do not hear the others....only the victims they approve of, are worth remembering. Another thing, the producer of the song Nasr Mahrous hate the brotherhood and released many songs to attack them.

Mohamed Fouad " El Dam " / " محمد فؤاد " الدم


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