Monday, June 16, 2014

Miss Universe Georgina Rizk Comments on #Lebanon and #Women

Lebanon's first and so far only Miss Universe. She is currently a main beauty pageant judge for the Miss Lebanon contest--two years ago and is the current wife of Lebanese singer and actor Walid Toufic.

Rizk was born in Beirut in a Christian household, to a Lebanese father and Hungarian mother. Her mother was married to an Italian prior to marrying Rizk's father. Now she is back in the news giving her comments and opinions about her career and country. She believes in a number of Lebanese causes. I like how accessible she is, and real...Miss Universe does not keep up with the organizers of the pageant.

She talks about her husband and her kids who now attend colleges abroad. I do not think she is doing anything right now, but she still retains her stature and grace. I like how she talks about the domestic violence bill. She is really upset....she seems not to be impressed by her country's politicians. I love Georgina Rizk's take on how the government does not extend the citizenship from the mother to her kids. She said, Lebanese go everywhere to get a citizenship--why should not we give ours away to those who deserve it.    

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