Friday, June 6, 2014

The Ahlam vs. Samir Sfeir Fued Gets Ugly

The Lebanese composer and celebrity Samir Sfeir has a famous feud with the UAE songstress few weeks ago. Not sure how it started, but it seems that Ahlam started when she called him as good as dead as he is a has been. He went after her, and then it got ugly. He is a hit-maker, and a beloved musicians in Lebanon who has done anywhere between 200 to 250 songs for pretty much all these first rate A list Arab pop stars.

She shared photos of him as a woman, as a drag queen, and she started the war, when she shared fake photos of the composer dressed as a woman. In response the internet helped Samir Sfeir when new insulting images of Ahlam were shared. The feud kept on going, and the media loved it. Now Ahlam from her Arab Idol fame, and her wealthy ways of living--she always shows pictures of golden phones, private jets, fancy outfits and what's not.

Samir Sfeir seems clam talking about this, I am certain he is not too pleased with her. I am guessing this feud started with Ahlam started talking shit about Raghib Alama, who chose to leave Arab Idol due to Ahlam's antics. Ahlam seemed to enjoy this and she sat her sight on Nancy Ajram. Samir Sfeir. I think this is about egos, and fame. No doubt she is a big name, but her ego is really causing her problems. Samir Sfeir took another issue with Ahlam taking sectarianism and unpopular political stands. "Alama feel grossed out on the set of Arab Idol" said Samir Sfeir.

I could care less for these two celebrities, but I know Ahlam has been a lot more obnoxious lately and humility goes a long way. She does not have to be humble, but she does not have to enjoy others' misfortune. Now, there are talks of legal action.

.سمير صفير: أحلام عنصرية ومستفزة وكان يفترض ان تولد رجلاً ومن حولها اشباه رجال الجزء


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