Monday, June 23, 2014

Adam Sings For Myriam Fares' New Ramadan Drama

When Lebanese eye candy Myriam Faris decided to star in a TV drama this Ramadan, the backers got millions of dollars on her. They booked a team of an A list of Egyptian actors to back her up, and now comes the new song for the opening credit and promo....

Adam, one of my favorite Lebanese pop artists got the contract and his voice graces the show. Watching the clips that went with the song you can tell the makeup work is second to none, the locations are fancy and does not cheap. The song is about being wrongfully accused. I am sensing a love triangle, betrayal, jealousy, family drama and tragedy. I will not have time to watch the show, but I know this will be a strong show this season for a number of reasons.

There are half a dozen Arab networks that have already bought the rights to broadcast the drama. Now, the Gulf will be interested in seeing Myraim, Lebanon likes her, Egypt is mad about her, and the rest is history. The song was actually recorded and mixed in Turkey with A list musicians and producers.
أغنية مسلسل اتهام - ادم


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