Monday, June 9, 2014

Top 10 Arabic Songs Chart (Audio)

the folks at Listen Arabic radio released their top ten list for this week. There is new comer Tunisian Amani Swisi--long time. Then more songs from guys who will charm their way into your heart. I love number 9. No. 8 is pretty cool from Naji Osta, and the 7th is from Amr Zayan--shouting is always good this summer.

Iraqi Shatha Hassoun held firm on number 6 with her sweet song. I do not get the fifth place. Naturally, thee songs are from all over the map, Wael Jassar still has it for the third week with his new single. Second is also for Hany Al Omari's new bluesy track. The top spot on the list goes to Wissam Al Ameer--not feeling it.
ListenArabic Top 10 Arabic Songs Chart June 7 2014 توب 10 اغاني عربية.


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