Wednesday, June 25, 2014

After His American Debut, Haitham Shomali Heads For Palestine

 The Artist, Haitham Shomali, just returned from a great visit to Washington DC, where he was invited by the Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee to receive the "Excellence in Arts," award at their 34th Annual Convention for his achievements for being the first Palestinian to successfully arrange, compose, write and direct his own brand of music. He promised to continue to create great music and dedicated his award to those that supported him over the years and his "Beautiful country, Palestine."

During this trip he also received and invitation to tour the White House. A privilege that requires several months of waiting and special permissions. Permission was granted to him without any delay. While on this trip he also met with the Palestinian Embassy and other Palestinian Organizations, like ANERA, a non-for-profit, dedicated to assisting Palestinian refugees in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. There were discussions about future collaborations between he and the Group for future community projects.

This was Haitham's firs trip back to the US in almost 10 years. The visit was a success and the community was up in arms as to when a U.S. tour would begin. Stay tuned as soon, you will hear of Haitham's tour to come!

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