Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Singing Egyptian Army Propaganda Festivals And The Patriotic Divas 2013 احتفالات اكتوبر

The Army
I mean The folks who are running Egypt right now were busy over the weekend showing off their great achievement in a big festival where they brought the biggest entertainers in Egypt, Lebanon and the Gulf to sing for them and make them feel loved. Or's sure as hell, they streets do not love them--or at least really fears them.

Among the leading entertainers of that evening is Diva Amal Maher, they were given songs that were pre-approved by the army--like the emphasis was on the supposed "millions" who protested in June 30th and gave a cool back story to the army coup. There were plenty of dancing and proud people who rallied around the army. I like that feeling and there should be no shame for one to love their respective country's army--but to overlook all the innocents who have been wronged is inhumane.

I like Amal Maher and hope in five years she would not regret doing a propaganda job for the army and its generals who think they are above the law...are they? Should they? Her songs bring God, justice, and shaming the other guys whom the song salable as people who have given up the land.

امال ماهر - هى كلمه | من احتفالات اكتوبر 2013

امال ماهر - باسم الاحرار | من احتفالات اكتوبر 2013


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