Sunday, June 1, 2014

All The Boys Want Dounia Batma #Morocco #دنيا_بطمة - هني هني Hani Hani

Dounia Batma likes things, boys like her. The dazzling and perfect-looking Moroccan Arab Idol runner up releases her new music video and dance rich song, and it looks like a perfect summer song. But nothing is as perfect as her proportional beauty. Dounia is a music force not to be reckoned with. Dounia has shown maturity in her choices.

Take for example her decision to marry that husband who is married to another wife--he is a producer, and a rich guy who seems to really like her. Then Dounia poses for pictures with him often and telling many women that they are a couple in love. I do not know much beyond that, but he was on set helping direct the music video.

Hani Hani is her song  and she got that Lebanese guy who tells people he is American to direct her music video. The image suits her well, and plays to her youth, energy and fun-loving personality.
#دنيا_بطمة - هني هني | Dounia Batma - Hani Hani


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