Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Oral Fixation Maria Retruns With A New Song

So she sang in Armenian to her people after years of doing catchy pop songs that go viral. Maria is making a run again with the release of a new song and a fresh music video where she is back to the same old trick--use your strength and flaunt it. The clip is being dubbed as the sequel to her popular song "El'ab" or "El3ab"....the one where she has an oral fixation.

Alam Alphan is producing the new album and the music video. Maria seems to have taken a sabbatical for few years, and now she returns. Recall the scandal where she stepped on some cake celebrating her birthday and people got mad at her?

Let's see if the new song will bring back those glorious memories. I think Maria became a cultural icon in pop world, so many movies and songs paid homage to her music video.

Nadren Alaya Soon - Maria ندرا عليا قريبا - مارياa


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