Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Listen: Marwa Nasr Ft. Samer Abo Taleb - Ahsan Halaty

I like Star Acedemy Marwa Nasr, and love The Voice Samer Abo Taleb. Put them together and you are supposed to get good duet. Marwa is the female fatale of pop, and he is that skinny guy whose voice shows maturity. They joined forces and teamed for Ahsan Halaty, I am in the best state of conditions.

A love song about completing one another. This is the social media track and video shows how much likes it's already getting. The music is a downer for me, but the song itself is entertaining. I love both artists and think they bring something awesome to the equation....it's like each says his lines and then the producer has to stitch the song together.

the song is nice, but I feel it does not allow the artists to shine for a long time. I mean they both have better voices than the song permits through. So, I like the song, but I think there is more vocal muscles that were not tabbed.

Marwa Nasr Ft. Samer Abo Taleb - Ahsan Halaty | مروة نصر و سامر أبو طالب - أحسن حالاتي.


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