Monday, June 9, 2014

"Will You Marry Me Song" By Ziad Bourji

Ziad Bourji is a stylish pop singer, actor and composer. His new song is about getting married, he is asking the love of his life to marry him. It's sweet marriage proposal where perfect is what he is going for. Ziad sounds very refined, and his song is real. I think how real it gets. For better or worse this is the message....we will always be together.

Ziad Bourji sounds like a guy though in the bit where he asks her to bear with him whatever he says....not many women like that. But he is a looker so they may overlook it. The guy's voice is crisp, and his heart is on the line. I know many ladies will appreciate thing song, when a guy stands tall and makes a commitment.  

زياد برجي تتزوجيني جديد 2014 Music for All


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