Friday, June 27, 2014

Sadoon Jaber, The Iraqi Music King-Maker and Professor

Among his country men he is a king-maker in the music industry. He does not have to work hard now, as he worked in the eighties and established a name for himself. Iraqis would pay top dollars to see him perform. The same goes for his fans who are found around the Arab world--mainly in the Gulf. He started as a local singer, but he learned there's appreciation for the local Iraqi song outside the borders. He does folksy sounding songs/ballads of love stories on the land of the two rivers.

He is the radio guy started singing in the in the late sixties after he was inspired by the Egyptian crooner Abdel Halim Hafiz. He does romantic songs in Iraqi, poetry is not an option. I know of this song because my younger brother was listening to it when he was in Israeli jail. Now, Sadoon is the name most young Iraqi singers chase to do a duet with or do a cover from his songs. He seems to be very hard to pin though.

Sadoon also studied music in London (masters), and in Cairo where he had his masters degree in Iraqi music. The period of 1886 and 1990 was his prime. He still makes music to this date, his song almost won the Voice title and now I am certain he weeps over the state of Iraq he sees.

سعدون جابر - جتنى الصبح وعيونها ذبلانه


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