Monday, June 16, 2014

Brazilian Samba By Lebanese Zinat #worldcup2014

People who like Brazilian soccer are a vocal bunch. In reality, no one likes Brazilian soccer, they only love it. Take for example Arab singer Zinat who just released and filmed a new song for the Brazilian national soccer team. This way the songstress joined the a global movement that speaks many languages, but are united in their appreciation for the Brazilian school of soccer.

Lebanses Zinat knows this, millions of her people call Brazil home! So since the world cup is held in that country, she filmed the song inside a Lebanese soccer stadium. I like the music, the lyrics are a big meh for me, and the voice does not come through from me here! But I look forward to Zinat's new album which is set to release this year with 9 tracks.

samba - zinat سامبا - زينات


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