Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This is Algeria's Song At The #WorldCup #FIFA (Video)

Amel bouchoucha did this pro Algeria song for the 2010 World Cup, and it's still as good as we see the Algerian national team play once again in this global soccer tournament. The team lost against Belgium in a hard fought game. But they did mange to score their first goal in the world cup in 24 years. They do have a better team than in 2010, but I feel that they gave away the game.

I like the Algerian team--my wife was born in that country. I know all Arabs stood behind them in support, it was a good game, but the team could have done better. Hope their next game will show a better showing. I gotta say, their goalie is pretty capable.

I think this is a classic song from a super talented Algerian entertainer whose acting is as good as her staller voice. The song will be around for a while, and each world cup or Algerian game, it will be aired for those super fans.

 Amel bouchoucha - Batal Al Alam Al Arabi (Official clip) / أمل بو شوشة - بطل العالم العربي.


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