Sunday, June 29, 2014

That's The Ramadan Spirit! "Ahlan Ramadan" By Mohamed Kamal

Ramadan is a special month, there's the holy side of it and there is the fun and festive side. Reading the Koran, praying Taraweeh, attending lessons and sermons, praying in groups is part of the religious side. Being with family, partying till the dusk, drinking cool beverages and enjoying special foods and desert goes with the fun part. Not to forget the special TV programming that happen in Ramadan where folks are glues to their TVs.

Ahlan Ramadan is a new song by Mohamed Kamal where he talks about all these aspects. People tend to be generous and super kind during this month, I like that. I do not like seeing angry smokers who are mad because they have not had a smoke. Watch the song and the footage that accompanies the song, it's pretty awesome. They have done a good job showing Ramadan in Egypt

 Ahlan Ramadan - Mohamed Kamal اهلا رمضان - محمد كمال


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