Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mohammed Assaf Sings To The King Of #Jordan In "Yabo Hussein" #Confused

Wissam Al Amir wrote the lyrics, and Nizar Francis took care of the music. But Mohammed Assaf now is getting into the business of singing for kings! He did at the celebrated Jordan Jarash Music Festival. Assaf knows how to make good on his word, he traveled to Jordan for this concert, and there he sang for the King of the land....question....why is this Assaf song so stupid?

To start, I really like the King of Jordan and I think he is the smartest Arab leader who is running a better country--relatively. But I am not from Jordan and I do not know how the people feel, so I won't go and tell people this. Worse, Assaf is singing about this, and calling the King as if he was his pal and his best friend. I know this song makes good with the local Jordanian population who thinks the world of the King, but some locals do not approve of his way of handling certain portfolios.

I do not think this is smart, to get a Palestinian singing a song written be Lebanese paid for by a Saudi company made for a king of Jordan! I know there are millions of Palestinians who call Jordan their second home, but once again as Palestinians we should never speak our opinions about other Arab leaders. It has not worked too well for us in the past! It's one thing to sing for Jordan and its awesome people and another to sing for a leader.

Update: For the idiots who think, we do not love Assaf on this blog, think again! Here's an article written by me last year "The Palestinian Idol and the Gaza Rocket". But there's a big difference between a global star that he already becoming and the typical Arab artist who sings for politicians. Take for example, did Mohammed Assaf sing for President Mahmoud Abbas? He met with him already, but he hat yet to sing for the man who gave him unlimited support....He should not sing for figures whom people have different opinions about.  

#محمد_عساف - يابو حسين | Mohammed Assaf - Yabo Hussein


  1. Great Artist
    I've neber seen such Person as Mohammed Assaf
    Wish him Alll the best
    Jordanian Deserve iiiit