Friday, June 20, 2014

See Maria Get Married! Nadran Alaya - Maria ندرا عليا - ماريا

Some pop stars never grownup, some cannot grow up....exhibit A Maria sings about soccer and getting married....she tells the guy if he scores a goal, she will marry him. I do not know what goal is she talking about here, but she also has a lemon stand, dancing in the street with so much energy.

I do not get these really short shorts, and babes talking to these dirty and sweaty boys.These folks look as if they live in a refugee camp. Maria's Arabic still feels foreign. This song is  an improvement for Maria as she found the courage to wear a white dress. See if they groom to be scores the goal!

The song, the title, and the musics video are about keeping promises....  

Nadran Alaya - Maria ندرا عليا - ماريا


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