Thursday, June 5, 2014

WATCH: Sandy - Hayah Tabeaya ساندي - حياه طبيعيه @sandysandystar It's Getting Dark!

Sandy should not go to bed tonight, she might not be able to since the internet will fall in love with her latest song. But they will love more is the neck tattoo. The team behind the song should be celebrating their success with Sandy. Sandy made a movie last year that brought out many teens to movie theaters despite the lack of security. Sandy returns with a dark music video fitting for these times.

I think we are witnessing Sandy mature in front of our eyes. This is another good serving of pop art made by Sandy who started pushing the envelope with revealing outfits. Now she is entering the Sandy 2.0 phase. She is gearing for a new album and it's titled Baby Doll. This does have a goth feel to it, and the director went for something different and got it. Directed By American David N. Donihue However the song is about normal life. There is drugs, there's darkness, and suicidal thoughts.

I think Sandy does well with this style, we liked her two years ago in that very similar vibe. But she also has that alternative look, all family and that. This has a western feel to it, but since many in the Arab world are watching Western shows, the song is will find an audience. This is the work of a clever choice for a resourceful artist who happen to be a big hit with concerts, movie theaters, online downloads, and social media.

Lyrics : Shady Noor Composer : Belal Srour, Composer Arranger : Hany rabea
Sandy - Hayah Tabeaya ساندي - حياه طبيعيه


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