Monday, June 30, 2014

WATCH: The Forgotten Sweetheart Duet By Maya Nasri & Hadi Khalil

Two good-looking and young Lebanese singers wanted to do a memorable song, so they joined forces in the late nineties and those who appreciate romantic duets won big. Maya Nasry and Hadi Khalil did a modern-day classic song that was a massive radio hit, and the internet was not around it to preserve it for a longer period.

Luckily, someone had a VHS tape, and uploaded it on the internet. It was a sweet song from what seems a simpler times, we had so much time to chill, no red blue and no smartphones to preoccupy us. The duo seemed like a couple and to be real in they story they told. Note, how the artists hold hands and sing

I like the music, it's very Lebanese where classical elements with more modern music are fused. I love the lyrics where the guy and the girl speak up their minds about their inner feelings, so naive early days of love. They still make duets now, but they seem to cram so much and feature loud music. It's not love if you cannot relax and feel good.

Maya Nasri &; Hadi Khalil مايا نصري وهادي خليل انت حبيب عيوني


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