Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rotana Restores Egyptian Films! Egyptians Are Not Pleased

Yes, the name Natasha sounds Russian, and has little to do with pop music of Arabic, but the charismatic, lovable and talented Lebanese vocalist and pop star Natasha returns with a new song about old movies. The song pays homage to old Arabic films that have brought life to us--entertained us throughout our lives.

The timing of the song is perfect as Rotana has already announced they are restoring and re-mastering dozens of older Egyptians films to preserve them for the coming generations. This answers the man critics who are unhappy about a Saudi company controlling Egyptian legacy, and getting to decide what fits and what does not. The song is pretty rad, and the clips from these popular films fit well. The clip shows the process of resorting so many of these films. Rotana is answering the call and talking back at each of their critics.

So long Natasha,
ناتاشا - افلام رجعتلها الحياة


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