Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Listen: Kadem Al Saher New Sinle Is Golden كاظم الساهر يا راعي الود

Iraqi musician and hit-maker Kadem Al Saher is trying a new approach this year, he has released about four singles this year alone. I loved three of them, and here's the latest song from this versatile artist. He is a pan Arab artist whose fame, and respect are second to none. He has excelled in the Iraqi style, did the Lebanese style, and found comfort in the Gulf dialect.

For serious music that's uniquely Arabic, Kadem Star is the number one rock star. He blends so many musical styles and dialects and comes up with a fresh track--every time. This time he is about love, the simple and straight up feelings, not that dazzling kind from beautifully-crafted poetry.

He sounds so in love, and he lets it glow from all his pours. I do not know many who do not love this clever entertainer. The lyrics are the work of little known female artist Thorya and Talal composed them so well. The production is the work of Amr Abdel Aziz

كاظم الساهر يا راعي الود 2014


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