Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Listen: Tamer Ashour Fe Wahday - تامر عاشور في واحده @TamerAshourMag

Tamer Ashour returns with something we actually like and have been asking for. It's a song about the different ladies we know. The good, the bad and the worst. The sweet ones, the loving and caring kind, the heartbreaker types, the evil minority and a number of other assortments.

The lyrics give this track its strength. It's pretty awesome track that will be appreciated by second year college kids and more seasoned guys. There are a type of women who lift you up and there are those who run you to the ground. Same goes for the guys, I suppose. There are the dedicated type, and there are those who do not care....

This song was made perfect for Tamer Ashour, he makes it so much better. He leaves this dark song on a hopeful note. There is that one whose life won't be complete without you.  

Tamer Ashour Fe Wahda High Quality - تامر عاشور في واحده


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