Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nancy Talks About Being Rich, Money And Family

We all know Nancy Ajram is loaded with money from concerts, album deals, product endorsement, Arab Idol, TV appearances, private functions and what's not!

Nancy opened up about all that, "I know and my husband Dr. Fady knows our money and how much we have" "we employee a team of people to watch over our money" "Fady and I keep our eyes on them together, and we have employees (guessing accountants and wealth advisors) who oversee our money" "we are people who live within their means and I do not like to showboat what I have" (Looking at you Ahlam showing off)

She added, "I have a private bank account and another with Fady, when I need something, I ask Fady" "Both of us think about our kids and their future of a good life"

Further, "I just started a web YouTube to generate future income for my little girls" These statements and interview were given during an intimate interview with the popular Saydaty Magazine. Let's not forget that Nancy and Dr. Fady got a civil marriage in Cyprus in 2009. In the year 2006, Ajram opened an organization under the name "Jam'iyet Nancy Ajram Al-Khayria" (Nancy Ajram's Charity Organization) in Beirut, Lebanon, that works on collecting and distributing money for the poor.

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