Friday, June 6, 2014

This Song Will Make You Soft! "Aend feeky" By Esaf عند فيكى - ايساف

Fans of pop singer Esaf are excited about the release of his latest romantic single. A song he filmed in the United States where he can be free to be himself and tell a story that puts the song to life. I love his voice here, I have not heard him sound this exciting in a really long time. This song plays up to what we love about his voice.

In the past he has done light pop songs that require little vocal musicales, this one he found a song that allows his voice to set him apart from many of his peers. Esaf has always been a stylish guy with a high sense of fashion. He married a British young woman three years ago, and now he is back in action getting lost in the streets late at night trying to salvage what he can form his soul amidst the shadows.

Welcome back Esaf, he found a winner and you sound at your finest. Misery loves company and those who broken hearts will find some peace tuning in to your new track.

Aend feeky - Esaf عند فيكى - ايساف


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