Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Naked Lebanese Woman Supports Iranian National Soccer Team In World Cup

Her name is Myriam Klink and she supports Iran's national soccer team this world cup in Brazil. Now, Myriam Klink is a controversial figure whose first song was filmed inside a cemetery with her dancing in sexy outfits.

Still Myriam Klink is at it once more, and she shared via the social media an image of herself in the nude--or so darn close only covered in Iran's flag. It remains unclear if Myriam Klink  knows much about Iran's soccer, but in Lebanon Iran has many friends. This time a friend they did not ask for comes with less clothes. Iran is in the same group as Argentina, Bosnia and Nigeria--at least three members of this group with a sizable Muslim population.

Myriam Klink  announced last year wanting to run for public office in the city of Beirut--for the Christian Orthodox spot, but she changed her mind due to a number of factors.  

QMK - KLINK REVOLUTION - Official Video Clip - Music by Osane Myriam Klink


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