Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Return of the Last Boy Bands @WAMABAND

They are not just a boy band, they are actually a group of friends made up of four talented musicians who are partners. WAMA has four band members, and four stars who share so much, but they are not just friends....they entertainers with a lot of solo songs, and at least two of the band members have their own albums. The four have also starred in movies separately.

They have gotten together once in 2010 for a reunion, but the album was shadowed by the Arab Spring in Egypt. Now in 2014, they try again and they are hoping for the best. I do note that the lead song has been written by a fellow singer Mohamed Attia and composed by band member Nadir Hamdy.

I think Cube Music who is producing this album has a lot of hopes for concerts and other deals where these celebrity band members would be a huge draw. Take for example Ahmed Fahmy, the presenter for Arab Idol, his return to the band shows loyalty to his friends.

#WAMA - Leh Laa Teaser / واما - ليه لأ#

From "Kan Yama Kan" Album - من ألبوم كان ياما كان

Lyrics by Mohamed Attia - كلمات: محمد عطية
Composed by Nader Hamdy - الحان: نادر حمدي
Arrangement & Mixed by Nader Hamdy - توزيع ومكساج: نادر حمدي
Mastering by Abbey Road Studios

Photographed by Emad Kassem - تصوير البوستر والغلاف: عماد قاسم

Produced by Cube Music / إنتاج: شركة كيوب ميوزك


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