Monday, July 11, 2011

Women Are of The Devil Says This Arabic Song

Watch Fifi Abdo and Somaya Al Khashab duke it out in this dueling song about the old wife fighting with the new wife over who is the most legit among them. This song is made to promote this Ramadan show Kaid Al Nisaa, I do not even know how to translate that into English.

So a guy married two ladies, and then they start playing politics trying to win the hear of the guy who married them. One is old, but confident, she is original. The second is the hottie that has some attitude. Those are tow of the leading female actress in Egyptian entertainment and it looks they have some of the best on screen chemistry.

This is one song full of stereotypes about women, I only hope a woman wrote the script--no it's a guy who wrote it. But a female directed the picture. Women with education will frown upon this song that might be viewed as degrading. But tio be fraknl this song is pretty funny as those old school ladies use drop hip English words. For example, take when Fifi Abdo, tells Somaya, I will put you on the internet with a scandal.

فيديو سمية الخشاب و فيفى عبدة منتدي سهر الليالى


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