Monday, July 11, 2011

A Successful Palestine International Festival 2011

A Successful Palestine International Festival 2011 means that there were no or little troubles with this festival for this year. Latifa, the Tunisian singer said yes, she will perform, then she said no becasue she does not want an Israeli stamp on her passport. Guess what? The organizers of the music and dance festival did away with that. The festival has chosen the "Youth" as the theme for the festival.

Invited performers and guests were invited by the Palestinians Authority and their entry was handled by the Authority, as far as the performers care, they did not have to deal with the Israels or see them at the entrance point from Jordan. Still the Israelis had to approve the guests, but the guests did not to see those officers.

Egyptian singer Iman Al Baher Darwish was the key guest of the festival and he did not disappoint as he defended the festival and asked for more entertainers to visit Palestine. He also held a meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas. I understand the difficulty to plan such an event under occupation. There is always issues with should we be doing this now? But this is about life and about showing the world that against all odds the people of Palestine will live.

Click on the links to watch the performances:

Performers form Egypt (Wust El Balad Band, and Iman AlBaher Darwish), Algeria (Soad Masi), Spain (Los Mulero), Jordan (Macade Nahas), Chile "Bavochi" entertained the city of Ramallah for the duration of five days. There was also the Palestine National folklore Dance troupe performance.

رام الله ترقص على انغام وسط البلد


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