Monday, July 25, 2011

Ramadan Of Tradion Ramadan Kareem

As Ramadan is upon us, I cannot help but notice that this is the time of the year they people bring the best in them and let it be seen. They are meant to be more spiritual and more connected. and most of all more compassionate for others. This is not about the body needs, it';s about the stuggle of not being able to nourish oneself.

The month for coming closer to oneself and one closer to his faith. The music has its share of Ramadan, but the music of Anasheed, the songs with a message of spirituality. Reding the Koran is on everyopn'e list and if we do all these things well and fast, we can see the jo of being with the family and breaking the fast.

طول غيابك - عزام الهويريني تصميم الراقي


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