Friday, July 22, 2011

Richii Is Back With Hugs 2011

He is saying! This favorite Lebanese hip Lebanese Import from Australia is dance, rapper, singer Richii who might as well be a DJ. But this man of style is back with a cool music video in English and Arabic and loads of style. This is a song to the Arabs who want more than Arabic songs! The target are teenagers who are addicted to watching MTV network music videos.

This time the assault is in the beach with a large number of beach goers taking part of this music video that uses the Egyptian dialect in an effort to sell more and appeal to more Arabs. The first Richii hit was exclusive Lebanese, not comes the larger market. Richii is a very tall guy and he seems to have gotten thinner for this music video of his. It might be really hard for him to be walking the streets of some Arab country who will think he looks sickly.

What has got better is the dances incorporated in the music video and the bigger budget set for this music video. But the cheap sex appeal is hard to miss, There's naked bodies and water grinding against each other. The waxed Richii is very clear, they are very groomed in this joint.

Other than the autotune, and the remix like song, I think this is a fun music video, offering little of what I care about, but that does not make it terrible. This is the music video that screams, I do not want to be original, I just want to be popular and trendy.

Richii - Gowa Hodny / ريتشي - جوه حضني


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