Friday, July 15, 2011

My Weeked of Iraqi Music

This week has been a great week for followers of Iraqi pop, as three single songs released by three different artists in the Iraqi style. While only two of those singers are Iraqis, those songs are pretty good.

  1. Iraqi pop princess Klodia Hanna released a hit song titled a "Threat", where the family of her loved one threaten her to shape up! I guess they do not want their son to be with her! While the voice can be better, the Iraqi flavor is hard to miss.
  2. The next big voice from Iraq belongs to Rahmah, the star academy season 7 participant who is making a solid career of her great vocals and charm. While Rahma has sang in Lebanese and Gulf dialect this time she comes home with "Ella Qilihom, a sleeper hit that will register with not only Iraqis, but also all Arabs.
  3. Lebanese dude Melhim Zain, the man known with his Lebanese manly style and romantic songs every now and then. Visits Iraq with this new song of his. It' s very local song and the performance is nothing short of original. A song filled with passion and energy.

كلوديا - تهديد

رحمه رياض الا اكللهم 2011-Rahmh Ryadh/لزوزه

Melhem Zein - 2011 ملحم زين - موال عراقي + كبد بد بدون حقوق


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