Monday, July 25, 2011

The Song That Sets Lebanese From Everyone Else

If you live in Lebanon or in any place where the people of Lebanon live, then you would know better than to ask. Debka is essential to the Lebanese culture, even those who don't want to be from Lebanon, they still teach their kid this group dance--it makes life a lot easier.

The people of Lebanon took this dance with them anywhere they go, Africa, Canada, US, Venezuela, Brazil, Europe and virtually all over the world, they just cannot claim the Lebanese status until they know this dance--even the religious ones know it and perform it.

Check out this clip form the 1960s play in Lebanon where the Mejana song is delivered by real men. And then along came Sabah with her warm voice and positive outlook to wrap the whole ordeal. Think about it this way, the Irish got the River Dance, the Lebanese got their Me Jana songs and debka. For Palestinians Debka is about politics and nationality. For Lebanese it's about identity and fun.

عصام رجّي وسمير يزبك وشوشو والصبّوحة


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