Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tune In To Majd Fouani,Fresh Hit Single

Yes, here is a new guy who can actually sing and has found a song that shows the bright side of Arab entertainment. He sounds like how Assi sounded back in the early 90s when he emerged with those romantic songs.

That's new comer Majd Fou3ani, the Lebanese young man with a plan to take on his country's pop in his quest to fame. He really sounds quite good in this song about a lady with a scarf where he feels she got him by this scarf of hers.

While Assi and a dozen other singers are doing well with this Lebanse style of romance, Majd is a welcome addition, he throws a new enrgey into the mix. As we listen to the radio version of his song. But we have to keep in mind, a good single does not make a star, but a smart manager can.

مجد فوعاني- المنديل / Majd Fou3ani- El Mandil 2011


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