Monday, February 25, 2013

It Took Charming Salah Al Zadjali To Warm Up Khaliji Music

He came from Oman and stood to be the limelight recently for his pop style songs on Arabic music TV channels. This guy had the gulf dancing their tales off to his hip songs all summer long. He is now back to the past doing folklore songs that will beef his credit with the music appreciators among the old men.

Salah has not professionally training, but this has never stopped great people from making timeless music. His passion for music that led him to pursue this route. He points out that it was his father who encouraged him and as Salah defines himself ’a self-taught’ individual, it was also a combination of his skills and him meeting the right people at the right time that gave him his lucky break. The best musicians are self-taught, you cannot teach creativity and the land of Oman can be inspirational.

Salah believes that on of the factors that catapulted him into the media’s glare was the fact that Omani musicians are under represented in the Gulf music industry, and him being one gave him an edge. He sees the lack of Omani music is the fault of the absence of good production companies. And yes, local talents are not given an opportunity to shine.

Even though there are singers emerging from Oman but there are not enough institutions to train potential musicians. It seems the ruler of the land offers his support  ’His Majesty Sultan Qaboos does appreciate music and he encourages classical music and we have two professional orchestras. The Royal Symphony and the Oriental recently formed a music society and soon we will have a grand opera house which shall have a huge department for music development.

While Salah is too busy making fun tracks for the larger Gulf market, his heart remains at home with his people.

 ‫صلاح الزدجالي - تباعدت يا صولي من جلسات صوت الخليج .mp4

‫الا باس - صلاح الزدجالي من جلسات صوت الخليج‬


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