Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blondes, Chicken Wings, Chips And Pajamas With Lela Al Maghribyah

The bros have a dream, never having to wear anything buy pajamas, eating potato chips all day, and watching TV with a peace loving blonde lady who likes groovy dance. There's a Moroccan pop personality that understands that and she is honoring this culture with a music video. Better yet, chicken wings/wife beaters are involved. This s a man dream set to the tunes of a catchy pop song. Lela is not legend but she is great at the choices she comfortable making.

Lela is posing as a popular chick with too many dudes wanting her affection, she is taking them all for a ride as judging from the Identification cards she has. She is some assassin and a sort car collector too (hint, there is a racing scene). Get this, she likes hamburgers too. Seriously  who is this lady?  This is one foxy lady who understands what it takes to get every man's attention and thing things he truly appreciates.

This is an upgrade clip from Lela's last music video, she has something the bros want and she will make it out there with the song that translates to "For The Thousandth Time" I like the dance floor bit, it makes the video feel like a retro funk feast. The reason I liked the music is because some of the finest names have touched it, Mohamed Yehia composed the music and the production went to Touma--an A team indeed.

Lela Al Maghribyah - Alf Marra / ليلا المغربيه - ألف مرة


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