Wednesday, February 27, 2013

@FragrancePost My Best Smelling Blog To Date

If you like perfumes, then chances are you like to be informed about the latest news, updates and quirks of this 5 billion dollar industry. Also, you know that your favorite celebrity have endorsed perfumes, and beauty products. Some Arab stars even have their own lines of fragrances.

I happen to be one of those Arabs who like perfumes, and colognes--there are so many of us indeed.  I am Arab and from what I read, we have contributed a great deal to the science and popularizing of perfume since the 6th century. The crusades and Muslim traders took this scents around the globe.

To keep short, I have started a blog to keep up with the trends in perfume, if this interests  you please visit my new blog which I have called The Fragrance Post

The blog will cater to both men and women--pets will also find things of interest. There will be reviews, lists, celebrity news in relation to launch of new scents-- Kim Kardashian will keep us busy. I hope you would join me.



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