Friday, February 8, 2013

Video: Nagham "نغم" The Lady Gooey Pop

Nagham is a name you should know and memorize, she is the rising star in Lebanese pop. With just two singles, she was able to take the center stage and claim a coveted spot in the very crowded music scene. She so very much reminds me of Yara's early days before she went crazy for money.

Nagham is a very warm voice that sounds naturally vulnerable. She does that dreamy and hooey gal in a way that I have not seen ins quite some time now. This is why she is often booked on a number of shows to talk about her songs and future plans.

It's hard to get women to like those kinds of songs, but Nagham is able to draw in the ladies and the boys, her voice is non threatening and speaks to the heart, not just the ears. Whatever Nagham's formula for success is, it's working and hope she keeps it this way.

Nagham - wehyati 3endak : نغم - وحياتي عندك


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