Saturday, February 16, 2013

This is Good Mostafa Mahfouz - Wala Ay Endihash / مصطفى محفوظ - ولا أي إندهاش

Mostafa Mahouz is one of my all time favorite pop personas, the guy who makes good music for some of the coolest pop songs in Egypt has made his own path in the singing business through releasing singles every now and then. He made so many of them since 2008 and I have noticed them all, I have loved 9 out of the ten he made. I know this song would be something else, it has character and attitude.

Now he just releases yet another single, about his woes with the lady he has been working on for the past two years. The song is a typical song made by a guy from the guy's perspective ...I made it you cool he taunts the lady and taught her many things. "I made you walk around with a 16 gigabit iPad", "I showed you all the cool shows, and took you to the sea" Guys like to think in this way, like if they are doing good out there and not self-interested. I am certain there are ladies out there who take advantage of some guys, but most of those guys are not fool.

I like the song but I do not endorse his tone nor his lyrics  This is a catchy and a relevant pop song, like they make them here in the States. That means, there are too many pop and cool references are made throughout the song, you might even laugh at some part of the song. So no one can take that away from Mahfouz. The title is pretty call, "The Ultimate Surprise...Not"

Note how the middle has the now sensational music style with the help of the Auto-tune known as "Mahraganat" think ghetto music. This type of music is going mainstream and helps stars reach out to new fans out there.

 Mostafa Mahfouz - Wala Ay Endihash / مصطفى محفوظ - ولا أي إندهاش


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