Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pop Star Mohamed Daqdouq And Syrian Nostalgia

Mohamed Daqdouq wrote and composed a song, a great song with some passionate plea for change, the quiet change. It's a very good song, but I am having a hard time understanding the message from this new single by the young Syrian musicians.

I have a feeling that the song is about Syria without being about Syria. Daqdouq declares his love for country and missing the homeland, he also blames all his country's trouble all an unnamed third party. This is the creativity of this track, it does not take sides, but rather tell a very personable story. The story of someone who had had enough and wants a way out.

The song can be more other regions too, Jordan, Libya, Palestine and Iraq. A song about homecoming and being reunited with one's mother. The timing of the song can also be seen for Palestine, as Gaza is being pounded in various Israeli war machines.

Whatever the message is, the song is very touching and I have not heard this kind of heartfelt songs that reside in the heart in a love time. The song is divided into two parts, the original part and the cover portion. Daqdouq delivers his message and then pays homage to Dalida's song about homesickness.

وبعدين - حلوة يابلدي - محمد دقدوق 2012 - 2013


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