Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine Day Concerts And Arabs Who Obsess About It

Jordanians, Iraqis, Syrians, Egyptians and folks from the Gulf shelled top dollars for Valentine day concerts in Beirut. Of course not every Arab singer can have a concert, only those voices that have done love songs. Among those names is Ayman Zabib, the Lebanese charmer who knows how to party and take the party to those who are too serious.

He had a great year last year, and it seems he is working his way back into the market with this concert. I am starting to think Valentine day concerts are a bigger deal in Arabia, more so than the rest of the world. For people who have a reputation for being hateful and teaching their kids to hate, Arabs are a sure lovers on this day.

Just look at the video from the concert, people just want to love and be loved and not just on this day. Ayman laughed his way to the bank. He works hard for his money, and his Lebanese dance and romance is on high demand. As for the ladies Myriam Fares took her dance moves and her pop songs to a mega concert--the room was packed with overweight dudes and less than attractive women.

She is a treat, and she seems to do fine when she is singing, not when giving speeches. She dresses for the occasion and brings out her inner dancer during her songs. Her concert goers get two for the price of one a music performance and a dance show.

ايمن زبيب في سهرة عيد العشاق

ميريام فارس في سهرة عيد العشاق في الموفنبيك


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